Gifted for Action™ Programmes

    Gifted for Action™ is a suite of programmes that has two distinct pathways:

2.  Elite Leadership Paradigm

Are you a Christian believer who?

•     Believes you are called to leadership but are not entirely sure what is really expected of you,
or you are unsure of your next steps?

•    Are you currently leading a team, part of a team or leading a project and would like to know if you are having
the desired impact in a way that is pleasing to God?

•     Would you like to know where to focus your development energy for maximum leadership impact?

If you can honestly say 'Yes' to any of these questions, then the Gifted for Action™ Blueprint and the
Elite Leadership Paradigm Programme is definitely the tool for you!

The Elite Leadership Paradigm is packed full of...

•    Information about why churches and business organisations fail, so we can learn from the
mistakes of others;
 •    Research about the impact that Christian-based, ethical leadership has on employee 
engagement and commitment; and
•    Facts about how Christian leadership behaviours positively impact the 'bottom line'.

Structured into 5 modules, the Elite Leadership Paradigm programme provides you with all the information,  guidance
and materials you need to prepare you to fully engage with our leadership development process.  

Our aim is to support you so you can get the most from the programme, and ultimately become the leader
you were ordained by God to be!

Are you are ready to engage in an exciting, holistic, leadership development programme which
has a 360° learning approach...

or maybe

 You want to participate in a rigourous and flexible leadership development programme that is accessible online so you can fit it around your life and learning style...  

If so...

Then let's book you in for a call so you can get started.

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