Gifted for Action™ Programmes

    Gifted for Action™ is a suite of programmes that has two distinct pathways:

1.   D.I.S.C.O.V.E.R Your Gifted for Action™ Experience

The Gifted for Action™ Experience is a comprehensive suite of individual modules that take you on a spiritual and reflective journey to discovering your God-given purpose and supporting you to go deeper in your relationship with Jesus Christ.

We recognise that although we may all be faith-filled Christians, as an individual, you will have your own particular interests, and up to this point, you will also have had your own unique spiritual experience.  

The D.I.S.C.O.V.E.R Your Gifted for Action™ Experience has been specifically designed to take this into consideration, and there are a number of exciting entry points into our learning system.

Bronze Level


At the Bronze Level, you will be given the Biblical and practical insight to help you discover your unique range of Spiritual Gifts, given by God, specifically to fulfil the purpose and calling He has placed on your life—for use in business, the workplace, church or in your community.

Silver Level


At the Silver Level, you will be be guided to discover your unique range of Spiritual Gifts that God has blessed you with, with a particular focus on the mental and physical attibributes required to successfully fulfil your purpose, in a way that enables you to balance mind, body and spirit.

Gold Level


At the Gold Level you will have an opportunity to discover your Spiritual Gift Mix, objectively understand your current level of influence and impact as an ethical leader, and work with a Gifted for Action™ Coach, to increase your leadership capacity and enable you to perform at your best.

Platinum Level


The Platinum Level will expand your current prayer life; deepen your ability to walk by faith; help you renew your mind; and empower you to serve others in love.  If you are looking for a faith-filled, Bible-based development programme, then the Platinum Level is definitely for you!

Are you someone who has a lot of ideas, but you're not sure
which direction to take...

 Are you a person that has a niggling feeling that 'there's got to be more to life' than what you're experiencing right now...  

Ready to live a life full of meaning, purpose, and be that somebody who makes a positive difference in the lives of others?

Fabulous!  Let's get you started.

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Oenca, a wife and mother of 2 beautiful children, is a gifted and inspirational individual and author.  Oenca came to faith in 1994 and has been on an exciting journey of faith since 2010. 

As a Leadership and Talent Development Consultant, Coach-Mentor, Facilitator, she has worked within the public, private and voluntary sectors for over 20 years.  Working with the police service for a number of years, she has been recognised repeatedly for outstanding leadership and professionalism.She has successfully delivered a programme of challenging, bibilically-based weekend seminars over a 4-year period.  Oenca now wants to make practical and experiential Kingdom-focused development programmes available to a much larger community of believers, both nationally and internationally, using the power of digital platforms.

Oenca believes in her heart that there is more to the Christian experience than 'just fellowship and collective worship'.  She has a desire to see individuals from right across the Christian landscape moving out of the pews, actively discovering their God-given purpose to make a positive social impact in the workplace, local communities and in our world.